Our Most Outlandish Watch Yet... LAUNCHING OCTOBER 31ST.

Birthed In 1972.

Back in 1972, the watch brand Desotos had a long range of successful chronograph sports watches. For their next watch, they began to consider the specifics needs of racing drivers and airplane pilots. They knew that they had to have a good way to instantly tell the time, without having to take their hands off the controls to pull up the cuff sitting over their watch dial.

Desotos decides to take a daring design solution: create a chronograph that cannot be covered by the long-sleeved overalls or pilot jacket. This, was the initial birth of a design that would become known as 'the cuffbuster'.

The original had a Valjoux 7734 movement and a case with pushers along the top to facilitate handling. In addition, it had a curious asymmetrical arrangement that allowed it to sit partially on the back of the hand, preventing it from being covered by the user's sleeve, therefore allowing for perfect timekeeping at a glance.

Our Cuffbuster

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