Leather watch straps


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We ship internationally by express registered post with a tracking number, depending on location delivery takes any where between 3-10 working days. Orders are processed and sent within 2 working days and a tracking number is sent to each customer.

Please read all the information provided below:

We have a wide selection of genuine leather straps available in 20mm or 22mm widths to fit most watches.

Please note Vintage Driver Chrono and VDC MKII customers, your watch takes a 22mm strap. Curve-Chrono customers please note the 42mm case watch fits a 22mm strap and the 39.5mm case watch fits a 20mm strap. Syncro customers please note the 40mm case watch fits a 20mm strap and the 44mm case watch fits a 22mm strap. Speciale customers your watch takes a 22mm strap.

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