Straton Classic Driver


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The highly requested Panda dial variants have returned, along with 4 new colours.

Available in limited numbers, you can now choose from:

🐼 White (Panda) with either a Black or Silver bezel

🔵 Blue (with Orange & Light Blue Racing Stripes) with either a Blue or Silver bezel

🟠 Orange Dial with a Black bezel (the perfect Autumn watch!)

🟣 Magenta Dial (our first 'pink' dial variant!)

These have been produced in limited quantities - so be quick to avoid disappointment!

The Watch For Vintage Automotive Lovers

The Inspiration

Inspired by 70's Vintage Automotive Design, the Classic Driver takes design queues from the classic cars of the 70's.

Straton's Owner & Designer, Kyle, has a love for vintage automotive design, owning a variety of vintage vehicles himself (see his Alfetta GT pictured), and takes design inspiration directly from these vehicles, often looking at general concepts such as the form factor and overall body shape; and even uses details as precise as the tachometer in these vintage vehicles. You can see an example for this in the red-tipped seconds hand of the Classic Driver.

10 Outstanding Colours

The Classic Driver is available in 10 incredible colour variants: Blue Dial, Black Dial, White Dial w/ Black Bezel, Green Dial, Maroon Dial, White Dial w/ Silver Bezel, Blue Dial w/ Racing Stripes (Blue Bezel, Blue Dial w/ Racing Stripes (Silver Bezel), Orange Dial, and a Magenta Dial.

There's a colour combination for every type of automotive enthusiast!

Technical Specifications