Genuine Leather Racing Straps

We ship internationally by express registered post with a tracking number, depending on location delivery takes any where between 3-10 working days. Orders are processed and sent within 2 working days and a tracking number is sent to each customer.

Please read the information provided below:

We have a wide selection of genuine leather rally straps available in 20mm or 22mm widths to fit most watches.

Please note Vintage Driver Chrono and VDC MKII customers, your watch takes a 22mm strap. Curve-Chrono customers please note the 42mm case watch fits a 22mm strap and the 39.5mm case watch fits a 20mm strap. Syncro customers please note the 40mm case watch fits a 20mm strap and the 44mm case watch fits a 22mm strap. Speciale customers your watch takes a 22mm strap.

Please note: any order placed between 17th June and 1st August 2018 will only be processed and send August 2nd/3rd 2018 as we are closed for holidays. You will receive the tracking number as soon as it’s been sent.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact you will receive a timely response! 

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