Straton Sportiva and Volante


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A watch with endless options

The Inspiration

The Sportiva & Volante follows the design queues that Straton is renowned for, but with a unique twist. The key design aesthetic is taken directly from a blend of new and vintage automotive design, offering an exciting neo-vintage look.

Endless Options.

In line with Straton's core beliefs - the Sportiva & Volante is accessible to everyone.

With the choice of a Swiss Automatic SW200 movement, or a Mecha-Quartz Seiko VK64, you can own this incredible timepiece with any budget.

It's also available in 2 sizes; 38mm & 41.5mm.

Here's our recomendation regarding case size:

For the 38mm case size this watch will wear like a conventional 41mm round watch, and the 41.5mm case size will wear like a conventional 44mm round watch. We would recommend (depending on how large you like your watches) if your wrist is below 7inches (less 18cm) choose the 38mm case, any wrist above 7inches (above 18cm) choose the 41.5mm case... unless you have a larger wrist and still prefer a smaller watch!


The Sportive & Volante is available in 7 colour combinations, ranging from traditional vintage all the way to extremely playful. We even have a green and purple dial variant, that the Straton community has coined 'The Joker'!

The colours available are: Blue/Black, Silver/Blue, Brown/Off White, Purple/Green (Silver Case), Yellow Gold/Black, Orange/Black (DLC Case), and Purple/Green (DLC Case).

With the Sportiva & Volante, there's a dial for everyone.

Technical Specifications