Straton Daily Driver MKII


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Same Name, New Dial.

The Inspiration

Inspired by 70's Vintage Automotive Design, the Daily Driver MK2 takes design queues from the classic cars of the 70's.

Although much like the MK1 in terms of inspiration source, this piece features a completely different design language, with a more 'squared' design pattern. This update to the Daily Driver allows us to hit 'just the spot' with all lovers of Vintage Automotive Lifestyle.

Straton's Owner & Designer, Kyle, has a love for vintage automotive design, owning a variety of vintage vehicles himself (see his Alfetta GT pictured), and takes design inspiration directly from these vehicles, often looking at general concepts such as the form factor and overall body shape.

3 Outstanding Colours

The Classic Driver MK2 is available in 3 incredible colour variants: Blue, Black, and White.

Featuring sleek colours, the Daily Driver MK2 is the ultimate understated daily timepiece.

Technical Specifications