Duffel Bags

Straton Watch Company

You can now pre-order a Straton duffel bag. The bags are UNISEX for both men and woman.

Please read ALL the information provided below before placing your pre-order:

The bags come in 2 styles, a full genuine leather bag or a mix of leather/canvas. Dimensions for both bags alike are 55*33*24cm. The selected materials that make up both bags are very high quality, creating a finished product that looks....outstanding!

What is a pre-order? A pre-order is ordering your bag and then manufacturing takes place. Manufacturing of the bags will commence the second week of March 2017, manufacturing takes approximately 2 months and should be complete beginning of June 2017 and deliveries to start after. We have launched many products this way and every customer has received their order and the feedback has been outstanding. Please register for the Straton newsletter which will be sent out every +- 4 weeks so you will be kept updated on the manufacturing/delivery progress.

You are always welcome to email any questions to info@stratonwc.com and you will receive a timely response.




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